Dependable Cremation Services

For a funeral home that works respectfully with you to arrange and provide the cremation services you need, choose Grasso Funeral Home. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we offer complete cremation options through our own company.

Decisions to Be Made

At Grasso Funeral Home, we serve your loved one with dignified care and compassion. If you are considering cremation, you should know that there is a wide range of choices available to you. Decisions to be made include:
Urns - Cremation Services in Philadelphia, PA

Funeral Consultations

  • A Container or Combustible Casket for the Body or a Cardboard Container; Combustible Alternative Caskets Suitable for a Public Viewing
  • An Urn for the Remains (There Is a Plastic Urn included)
  • Whether There Will Be Any Viewing, Public or Private
  • Location & Scheduling of Memorial Service
  • Final Placement of Cremated Remains
  • Newspaper Notices
Contact us to memorialize your loved one with our cremation services.