After-Death Checklist for Survivors

Get the help you need regarding details and responsibilities that arise after the death of a loved one with consultations from Grasso Funeral Home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From social security and veteran's benefits to insurance and estate planning, we assist you with a wide range of important information.
Consultations - Social Security Services in Philadelphia, PA

Social Security

Grasso will notify Social Security by mail of a death. This aids in stopping monthly checks. If you are entitled to benefits, please call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. Be sure to have you and your spouse's Social Security numbers, dates of birth of minor children, and your marriage date.

Veteran's Benefits

At your request, Grasso will file applications for a flag, marker, and cash burial benefits. If you have questions about dependent or survivor benefits, call the National Service Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


Insurance companies generally require claimants' statements and death certificates. Your director at Grasso is familiar with the process and assists you upon request.

Wills & Probate

Take the will to the Estates and Probate Division of the Clerk of Court. If there is no will, the closest relatives need to go to this same office to qualify to settle the estate. The estate office will assist you.
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